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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Procedures ...

We take every effort to ensure that your order arrives safely and without problem. All orders are carefully packed, secured, insured, and delivered by a reputable carrier such as UPS or the trusty USPS.

Most of the time we end up shipping USPS Priority as we have had good luck with them over the years.

Generally, one can expect the shipping costs to be at about 15% of the cost of the order.

For the sake of expediency, if you wish, simply let me know that you would like a 15% flat rate and we'll take care of the rest and we can call it even.

I offer a certain guarantee as to the the quality and standards of my work. If any problem should arise, be sure that I will take care of it immediately.

Aside from the quality of my work, my relationships with my patrons are a top priority. I will only consider a transaction complete once I know that you have received your order and that you are satisfied with your purchase.